Community/Resident Concerns

Every resident has the right to decent, safe, and sanitary housing.  LHC accepts resident complaints and will follow-up with the owners to ensure that the appropriate action is taken and that the action is according to HUD guidelines.

LHC Property Listing

Our Promise to You

  • Review our list of monitored properties to verify your property is on the list.  If your property is not listed, please contact HUD for additional assistance.
  • Contract Administration Staff can be contacted toll-free at 1-888-454-2001 with any issues or concerns you may have.
  • LHC will respond immediately to all life-threatening health and safety issues and within two business days of notification during normal business hours for all non-life threatening health and safety issues.
  • LHC will notify the owner of all concerns and determine appropriate corrective action.
  • LHC will monitor the owner's response to the concerns and implementation of corrective actions.