Monthly Housing Assistance Payments

Each month LHC processes one payment for each of the 178 properties in our portfolio. This involves verifying the owner’s request and tenant certifications for compliance, accuracy, and completeness. A hardcopy of the property’s request along with the electronic submission through TRACS is due by the tenth day of the month prior to when the payment is scheduled to be paid. 

90% Compliance Rule

HUD now requires that each property have at least 90% active tenant certifications in the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) at all times. If a property’s compliance percentage drops below 90%, the monthly payment will be held until 90% compliance is achieved. The following table is a breakdown of the action codes associated with the TRACS discrepancies:

Action Code

Contains the correction submission procedure code for resolving the discrepancy.  Valid codes are:


1- Submit correction within 45 days.


2-Submit correction on next submission and/ or certification.


3-Informational message; may or may not require correction.


4-Follow up required (For Field Office Use Only).


Please refer to the following guides for interpretation of TRACS discrepancy codes.


Special Claims

Owners may file a claim for unpaid rent and tenant damages, vacancy losses during rent-up, vacancy losses after rent-up, and debt services losses.  (Note: Debt Service Loss Claims should be submitted to HUD for review.)

Owners must submit a claim on the appropriate HUD forms within 180 days of the date the unit becomes available for occupancy along with LHC's corresponding special claims checklist and all supporting documentation. 

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