Homeownership Marketing Toolkit

LHC has created a new marketing toolkit to promote our mortgage loan products.  The Homeownership Marketing Toolkit includes digital flyers, factsheets, and social media posts highlighting our mortgage loan programs.

Quick Reference Guides

To help you select the best product for your customers, we have created quick reference guides that can be used when consulting with potential homebuyers.


Mortgage Loan Comparison Chart

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Factsheet 


Customizable Flyers

The digital flyers can be used to promote LHC’s cost-saving mortgage loan programs. Add a personal touch by listing your contact information in the fillable area.


Instructions:  To download, click on the link and right click to save to your computer. Actual instructions may vary depending on your operating system or mobile device.

Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

  • With Louisiana Housing Corporation's Mortgage Credit Certificate, homebuyers are eligible to receive a tax credit up to $2,000 every year, as long as the homeowner occupies the home and is paying the mortgage.

First-Time Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program

  • Homeownership is possible with Louisiana Housing Corporation’s Down Payment Assistance programs. Eligible homebuyers can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses at closing by qualifying for up to 6% in non-repayable, down payment assistance.

Repeat Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program 

  • Homeownership is possible with Louisiana Housing Corporation’s Down Payment Assistance programs.  Eligible homebuyers can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses at closing by qualifying for up to 6% in non-repayable, down payment assistance.

Advantage Program 

  • Save big with Louisiana Housing Corporation’s Advantage program. Eligible homebuyers can qualify for lower mortgage insurance and interest rate resulting in a reduced monthly mortgage payment.

Delta 100 Program 

  • Homeownership is easier than you think with Louisiana Housing Corporation’s Delta 100 program.  First-time homebuyers in Northeast Louisiana* can save big with 100% financing, interest at 2%, fixed terms, and waived mortgage insurance.

Social Media Posts

Using social media is a great tool to build awareness. To help promote LHC’s cost-saving programs, we have created a set of downloadable social media posts that you can use. 


Instructions:  To download, click on the preferred link(s) below.  In the new window, right-click, select save the image, and save to a designated location on your computer or mobile device.  Actual instructions may differ depending on your operating system or mobile device.