Multi-Family Bond Program

The Louisiana Housing Corporation, through the issuance of Multi-family Revenue Bonds, provides financing to developers to acquire, construct and/or rehabilitate affordable housing for low to moderate income families and individuals.

2016 Online Application

The 2015 QAP Funding Round deadline has passed. The 2015 Online Application should be accessed for reference only. No new applications can be submitted through this system. To submit an application for the 2016 QAP Funding Round, please access the 2016 Online Application System via the link above.

2015 Online Application

Just the facts

Section 142 covers the conditions under which Multi-family Mortgage Revenue Bonds can be issued, Section 145 covers 501 (c)(3) Bonds and Section 146 covers Volume Cap.

Housing Projects that are financed (whether new construction or acquisition/rehab) in part by federal subsidies (i.e. volume cap bonds) are eligible for 4% tax credits only. There is no “limited pool” for the 4% tax credit as there is for the 9% credit. To obtain the 4% tax credit, a partnership must apply for an allocation of private activity bonds, which if received, allows for a non-competitive application process for the 4% tax credit.

Applications are submitted through our online housing tax credit application. If you have a user ID and password from the previous application cycle, you can use that user ID to access the system and create new applications. Otherwise, you will need to create a new user ID and password before creating applications.

All proposals must comply with the current Qualified Allocation Plan. Please review the QAP and all appendices prior to submitting an application.