Weatherization Training Videos

Louisiana Housing Corporation offers energy efficiency training that will aid in weatherization. Our state-of-the-art training facility located in Baton Rouge, LA, provides contractors, crews, and any other enthusiastic participants a hands-on training experience to ensure weatherization is in accordance with the Department of Energy’s guidelines. LHC boasts training courses, a multimedia teaching center, education materials and seminars. These resources are available to showcase solutions that will benefit our homes while using less energy and water and minimizing pollution.


LHC Pressure Lab

 The pressure lab course offered provides venting solutions and shows participants how to conduct proper pressure diagnostics. It will also showcase worst case drafting and the effects of air sealing on natural draft in a whole house demonstration.


LHC Insulation House

Insulation training will show participants how to avoid common mistakes made when insulating. Your trainer will also guide you through the different types of insulation and the steps to full attic insulation and water heater insulation.


LHC Attic Insulation Demonstration

During the attic insulation demonstration participants will learn about the different types of insulation including knee wall insulation. They will also gain knowledge about knob & tube testing, open junction box marking and can lights.


LHC Diagnostic Cabin

During the diagnostic cabin training, participants will learn about air sealing, attic bypasses, and blower door testing. They will also be educated on combustion air requirements and appliance testing.


LHC Health and Safety Lab

This course covers the wide range of health and safety concerns to the weatherization worker and home occupant, including safe and appropriate remediation measures. Some of these health procedures include containment zip doors, proper cleanup, HEPA vacuum use, PPE and lead renovator testing.


LHC Electrical Base Load

The electric baseload lab illustrates lighting differences, air conditioners, electrical tests and appliance multimeters.


LHC Combustion Safety Lab

The combustion safety lab will ensure participants understand the importance of testing gas ranges, water heaters, and unvented heaters. This lab will also teach combustion efficiency and how to track delivery and air return along as carbon monoxide testing.